Olympic Rowing Analyzed and Rowing Resource Page Have Your Technique Analyzed By Xeno Müller

Olympic Rowing Technique In Slow Motion

Xeno Müller Single Scull Technique Playlist

Xeno’s Olympic Gold and Silver Medal Race

What Would Xeno Say: WWXS

Stretching Stay Free Of Rowing Injuries

  • Strong hamstrings for an injury free back LINK

How to win Olympic gold medals in rowing German-style

  • The Germans use technology to win Olympic gold medals LINK

Presentations by other Olympic Gold Medalists, great Coaches and documentaries.



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3 thoughts on “Olympic Rowing Analyzed and Rowing Resource Page Have Your Technique Analyzed By Xeno Müller”

  1. Did you know of the DMD drill in the eight? DMD stands for "dead mosquito drill". We first did that drill when I was a student at Brown University. The pairs that don't row gunnel the oars (off the water). You can take it all the way to three pairs gunnel and only one pair rowing. Once your crew masters that, you can attack any kind of water condition. You can do start strokes by pairs with every body else on the gunnel. Just don't break any oars or back for that matter. One more thing, when an eight lists to one site, don't have the falling side pull harder at the finish, that perpetuates the problem. Here is the link to my resource page that I am slowly building up. My goal is make myself better known to rowers since nobody ever sees me in flesh and blood. Cheers! Xeno Muller in California.

    1. Christopher you do that. Do you row in an eight? You guys should pool some $ and get a 12 analysis/3month coaching package from me. Your coach, IF he is open to outside information will love it. You guys work hard to beat other crews. Cheers, Xeno Muller

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